Preparing for a Photo Shoot


Here are some good tips to help you be prepared for your photo shoot. 


1.      Be sure that you have your horse(s) groomed the way you want them before your photographer arrives, such as any clipping or bathing.  Touch-ups can always be done, but you don’t want to be using your photo shoot time for grooming needs.  A rub down with a regular cotton towel works wonders for bringing out that luster after brushing! 

2.      It is always nice to have an extra assistant on hand to help you get your horse properly positioned, depending on the type of shoot you are doing, and keeping the horse’s ears perked up and alert.  Your photographer will be carrying props to help keep the horse’s ears alert, but if you have something for your horse that you know works, please have this ready too. 

3.      The time of day will be set up between you and your photographer, but keep in mind that direct overhead lighting in the middle of the day is very poor.  We will always try to schedule for either a morning or afternoon shoot.  If the shoot would have to be done in the middle of the day, we would like to assure that we can have some shade available to shoot in.  Overcast conditions actually allow for good lighting during any part of the day, and especially compliment human portraits. 

4.      Before your shoot is a great time to have a look around your property and scout out some backgrounds that you like and want in your photographs.  This is a good time to remove any clutter that you wouldn’t want in your photos too.  We can remove things digitally after the shoot, but it is easier to do this first.  Keep in mind when scouting out possible spots for your photo shoot, that you will want the sun at the photographer’s back, and this can be planned for with the time of day of your shoot also (we do not want to be trying to shoot into the sun).  If you are going to be in the shoot, try to avoid wearing yellow or white for your shoot.  This can be done, but most times skin tones are not complimented by yellow. 

5.      Dogs are welcome!  We can discuss your canine friends also during our pre-shoot consultation. 

6.      Trust your photographer to capture those special moments, and relax.  This will be a fun event, and we very much look forward to working with you.  We can discuss in more detail any preparation that you have questions about, or anything at all before your shoot.  We will ensure that we capture precious moments to last you a lifetime.